Blake Shelton Teases 'Big News' With Luke Bryan Coming on Monday

Blake Shelton is teasing something BIG with Luke Bryan. The 'God's Country' singer shared a video [...]

Blake Shelton is teasing something BIG with Luke Bryan. The "God's Country" singer shared a video on social media, of his dog, Betty, and Luke's dogs, Choc and Boss, supposedly texting to each other about the upcoming news.

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I already stole the phone so I might as well clue y’all in too! @lukebryan

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"Choc! Boss! Just stole my dad's phone! Got some big news!" Betty began.

"Betty the rebel! What's going on?" Choc texted.

"Still haven't got your own phone I see," added Boss.

"I don't need a dang phone out here in Oklahoma! I just need to tell y'all some big news!" Betty wrote, before asking if they were both free on May 23 and 24.

"We are just hanging with Dad," Boss responded. "What's the big news?"

"Whatever it is...I'm in!" added Choc.

"PERFECT," Shelton's dog answered. "Stay tuned. Big announcement at noon tomorrow."

While it could be a show, or a song – or both – fans were quick to jump in with their thoughts on what the news might be.

"Bluke for president," one person wrote.

"Please let it be a Bluke concert!" another fan said.

"Are you and Gwen getting married????" asked another person.

While speculations mount, both Shelton and Bryan have nothing scheduled on their tour calendars both days.

Shelton and Bryan are good friends, with Bryan recently joining Shelton and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, on a date in West Hollywood.

"It was just fun hanging with them," Bryan told Us Weekly. "Anytime I'm able to see them having fun and being happy, it's great to be around them."

It was Shelton who Bryan reached out to when American Idol approached Bryan about becoming a judge, since Shelton has been a coach on The Voice for all 16 seasons.

"When I found out that Idol was interested in me being a judge, certainly I called Blake, and he's like, 'Man, you're going to love it. It's right up your alley.' He spoke of how much he's enjoying his role with The Voice," Bryan recalled. "And he was right. I've enjoyed it. It's a new element in your life. It's a new challenge. It's tackling something new, and you learn a lot about entertainment throughout the whole process."

Bryan has also offered to officiate the wedding between Shelton and Stefani, if they ever decide to tie the knot.

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