Blake Shelton on Marrying Gwen Stefani: 'Of Course I Would'

Blake Shelton is opening up even more about his relationship with Gwen Stefani. In an interview with Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY, the Oklahoma native reveals that, even after his painful, and highly-publicized divorce to Miranda Lambert, he would consider another trip down the aisle.

"Of course I would," says Shelton. "My God. You've got to keep taking a stab at life. I don't know if I will, but of course I would. I'm not afraid. Bring it on."

Shelton, who was also married to his first wife, Kaynette, from 2003 to 2006, is learning how to prioritize the things that are the most important in life.

"I'm at a point in my life where time is as valuable as anything, and having it with my family and with Gwen, and her kids," he explains. What's important to you at this age starts to change. I've had my time, and I'm so lucky and I'm so grateful for it."

Shelton admits both he and Stefani, who divorced her husband Gavin Rossdale in 2015 – the same year Shelton and Lambert split – initially thought their relationship was a result of their broken hearts, and doubted it would stand the test of time.

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"I think in the back of our minds," Shelton says, "we both kind of thought, 'This is a rebound deal because we're both coming out of a pretty low spot in our lives and we're kind of clinging to each other to get through this.'"

The couple, who met as coaches on The Voice, continue to spend time together, with their relationship continuing to flourish.

"But now here we are, going on three years later and every day that goes by it just feels like a stronger bond between the two of us," Shelton continues. "It constantly feels like it's going to the next level."

The 42-year-old previously hinted that nuptials between the two singers were a definite possibility, although he didn't mention a specific time frame.

"I think about it. I don't think it's anytime soon or anything," Shelton divulged to CMT's Cody Alan. "The more time that goes by, I guess, the closer you'd be getting to that."


Shelton will return for Season 15 of The Voice, along with Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Levine. His latest single, "I Lived It," from his 2017 Texoma Shore album, is currently in the Top 5. Download the single on iTunes.

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