Fans Angry at Bravo Star for Discussing Carrie Underwood's Injury

Carrie Underwood injured her wrist and face in a fall outside her home in November, and she recently revealed to fans that she needed over 40 stitches in her face after the incident. In December, Bravo personality Adrienne Gang tweeted a photo with Underwood that had been taken after the two worked out at the same location.

"Just worked out next to @carrieunderwood NBD... she is adorable and so gracious... LOVE HER!" the chef wrote, adding in a comment to a fan that she hadn't even known Underwood had been injured. "She looked amazing!" Gang tweeted.

On Wednesday, the Below Deck cast member revealed on Twitter that she would be appearing on E! News that night.

"Guess who is going to be on @enews tonight!?! Crazy!" she wrote. "So thankful and lucky to have met @carrieunderwood What a gracious and lovely woman!"

Fans figured out that she was going on the show to talk about her encounter with Underwood, with several slamming the Bravo personality for using Underwood's injury for her own publicity.

"Shame on you for using this as your own personal gain!" one Twitter user wrote. Another added, "Stop milking her accident for yourself."

"Why are you going on @enews?" queried a third. "It better not be to talk about Carrie's injuries."

A fourth wrote that due to Gang's photos, people are now doubting the severity of Underwood's injuries due to her appearance in the shot with Gang, telling the Bravo personality, "You should have never posted this photo."

Gang told E! News of Underwood, "She was lovely. Friendly and gracious. Didn't seem upset or bothered."

"I noticed she wasn't moving her face a lot," she added. "She didn't smile in the photo and she apologized for not smiling." Still, Gang said, "She was in a great mood. She was on the treadmill next to her husband for a half an hour. When they got off I asked her for a photo and she said, 'Sure! No problem.' She seemed fine and not upset at all."


Photo Credit: Twitter / @AdrienneGang