Adam Wakefield Releases 'As Good As It Gets' Video

Adam Wakefield is sharing the video for his latest single, "As Good As It Gets," exclusively with readers first! The song is from Wakefield's debut Gods & Ghosts record. Wakefield wrote the song with his good friend, Lucas Elbert, with both the lyric and the video inspired by real-life events.

"He came up with this simple little groove and we wrote the song that best followed that musical direction," Wakefield told "I always worry that I’m trying too hard with my writing, so having this seemingly simple tune on the record put my heart at ease a little in that regard. I envision this song as what I would have been if I’d never left my little hometown. The people and places are all real. I lived across from (and sometimes worked on) Perkins Farm, and my next door neighbor Caitlin often worked the farm stand and would sometimes slide a few ears of free corn my way. The vision for the music video seemed pretty clear to me from the get-go."

"Get some regular people together, have a good time, and capture a truly authentic video in the process," he continued. "I’ve been seeing some really cool, creative one-take videos recently, and thought that approach would best communicate what I saw in my head. We got the team together, picked a cool spot out in the country, invited some friends out, threw a party and tried to get a sincere video out of the deal. We didn't overthink the song, so we tried not to overthink the video. I'm really happy with how it turned out and am excited to see what kind of reaction we get from it."

Wakefield rose to prominence as the powerhouse vocalist on Season 10 of The Voice, on Blake Shelton's team, becoming the season's runner-up. But long before the reality TV talent show, Wakefield has been performing with various bands, honing his skills to launch his own solo career.

"It's pretty surreal to me that after all the years I've spent playing and recording music in bands, it took this long to put out my first full-length album as a solo artist," Wakefield acknowledged. "I started writing for this record back when I was recording my EP. The EP was designed to represent a version of me that would appeal to mainstream folks as well as the pop-country counter-culture. Gods & Ghosts is another story. I started it on my own with no outside influence — just me and a few of my favorite musicians."

"There’s one group of folks I’ve had the pleasure of being around that have never been concerned with what was popular or marketable and have just devoted themselves to their craft," he added. "The musicians on this record are some of them."


Gods & Ghosts is available for purchase at

Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano