Aaron Tippin is 'Very Hands On' With His Latest Kiss This Sweet Cherry Wine

Need something special to toast in the New Year? Aaron Tippin has the answer: his own Kiss This Sweet Cherry Wine, which was just released last month, created in partnership with Tennessee's Stonehaus Winery.

"The processes are magnified 100 times," he tells Nashville's Tennessean. "You've just got to get everything right, the mixing and the taking it from container to container, to fermentation and blending it. I had never been to this stage of the game. It's highly professional, and man, it's really cool to just be a part of. They let me be very hands on."

Tippin began making wine in his house with his father-in-law, who Tippin credits with instilling in Tippin a love of the beverage. The two were making up to 80 gallons of wine before Tippin teamed up with Stonehaus Winery to make his first batch, a blackberry wine, in 2015. So when the winery asked if the singer and songwriter wanted to create a new wine, Tippin began working on what is now his Kiss This Sweet Cherry Wine.

But even though Tippin is working with a big winery, he still remains involved in every detail, including the flavor.

"We didn't want to make something that tasted like Kool-Aid or a Life Saver," he adds. "This tastes like your grandmother's cobbler. It's got that tartness on the finish so it pairs perfectly with any sort of chocolate dessert."


Tippin's wine can be purchased at StonehausWinery.com.

Photo Credit: Instagram/AaronTippin