Kane Brown Shares What He Hopes Fans Learn About Him From New Amazon Mini-Documentary

On Thursday, Feb. 20, Amazon released Velocity, the latest addition to its series of Amazon Music mini-documentaries. Focusing on Kane Brown, Velocity is a 16-minute film highlighting the singer's recent sold-out show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, as well as the road that got him there.

Speaking at a screening for the mini-documentary this week in Nashville, Brown was asked what he hopes fans will learn about him after watching the short film.

"Just that everybody who works with me is family," he replied, "and that I'm grateful for everybody that's helped me get where I'm at and continue to be with me everywhere we go and that I'm a family man."

As for what he's learned from others, Brown reflected on his time touring with artists like Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line, sharing that watching them has taught him how to improve his own shows.

"I've learned more of how to interact with the crowd, how to move on stage, how to talk between songs to keep people engaged," he said. "I feel like for me, when I was out with FGL I was always scared of, 'Can I go here? Can I go here?' and our tour is basically we let everybody know that's out there that they're family and there's no restrictions, and they can just not be scared, feel free to do whatever as long as it's not stupid."

The mini-documentary features interviews with Brown, his wife, Katelyn, his manager Martha Earls, his agent, Braeden Rountree, and some of his close friends. The film chronicles Brown's early days of uploading covers of songs to social media, building a following online before performing his first show in Darlington, South Carolina. He then began touring with other artists before becoming a headliner himself, leading up to the Staples Center concert in January, where he celebrated by getting a tattoo of his daughter Kinglsey's name on his neck before the show.

"I’m incredibly proud of the family I’ve been able to build along the way, including not only my wife and daughter but the family I have out on the road that works so hard behind-the-scenes to make it all happen," Brown said in a press release. "This Amazon Music mini-documentary gives fans a new glimpse into my world, including some of the incredibly hard moments that have led up to this point. I appreciate everyone and all the fans who have been there since day one and hope anyone that watches takes away one thing. That this is a family. And we want to do you all proud."


To accompany the film, Brown released an Amazon Original Live From Los Angeles EP, which features four of the 26-year-old's biggest songs performed live during the Staples Center show.

Photo Credit: Amazon Music