Blake Shelton Duets With Gwen Stefani in Surprise Appearance at Her Vegas Show

Gwen Stefani is currently in Las Vegas to perform a round of her Just A Girl residency at the Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood, and her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, surprised the crowd on Wednesday night when he joined Stefani to sing their new duet, "Nobody But You."

"I was thinking about just the weirdness of my whole life and career," Stefani told the crowd before Shelton arrived on stage. "It doesn't feel like a career, it feels like a life. And then I was looking on iTunes this morning and I'm number one on the country chart, so I just thought that was like, kind of incredible."

At that point, the song began and Shelton rose from an elevator to the top of the stairs, singing the song's opening lines to cheers from the crowd. At the end of the couple's performance, the two shared a hug before Stefani excitedly jumped into Shelton's arms and wrapped her arms around his waist.

After the show, Stefani posted a photo from the performance on Instagram, writing, "[Blake Shelton] thank u for coming out and singing #nobodybutyou [Zappos Theatre] [Planet Hollywood Vegas]." The couple recently performed the duet, which appeared on Shelton's December album Fully Loaded: God's Country, at the Grammys last month.

"It's just such a beautiful, addicting song," Stefani said of the song in a recent behind-the-scenes clip from the music video. "You're addicted to it, instantly."

"It's like drugs," Shelton sang, earning a laugh from the No Doubt singer. "It's like drugs to me."

Stefani returned to her residency after canceling multiple shows earlier this month due to illness. She has two more shows in Vegas this month on Feb. 21 and 22 and will begin the residency's final leg on May 1. The show will end on May 16 after nearly two years.

On Feb. 24, Shelton will return as a coach on The Voice without Stefani, who will be replaced for the upcoming Season 18 by new judge Nick Jonas,who will join Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.

In an interview with Extra, Shelton joked that he isn't planning on playing nice with the show's new addition.

"Don't, don't start this interview expecting us to celebrate Nick Jonas because let's face it, he's a nice guy, but he's competition," he said.

Clarkson joked that Jonas already has his fellow judges beat when it comes to his fans.


"Literally, it's like 'Woo, John! Woo, Kelly! Woo, Blake!' and then it's like [screaming]," she said. "They're like, literally, it is like the Beatles have entered the building it's so shrill, and it's not just girls, it's like every human on the planet in the room. They're so excited. So I definitely think he brings a fan base."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz