Carly Pearce Drops 'Heart's Going Out Of Its Mind' From Upcoming Sophomore Album

With less than a month until Carly Pearce drops her highly-anticipated sophomore album, Pearce is dropping another track from her next record. The Kentucky native just shared "Heart Going Out Of Its Mind," which Pearce wrote with Laura Veltz and Joe Ginsberg, and was inspired by her relationship with her now-husband, Michael Ray.

"I wrote 'Heart's Going Out Of Its Mind' after my second date with Michael," Pearce shared in a video explaining the story behind the song. "I went into the writers room, and hadn't told anybody. It's kind of awkward –– you don't want to tell somebody that you're dating somebody new until you feel like it's official. You certainly don't want to do it when it's another artist that everybody knows. And so, I tried to keep it hush-hush, but when I got in that room that day, I just started gushing, and told them.

"I wanted to write that, 'I have no idea how I'm saying this to you, but I know I'm going to marry this person,'" she added. "And they're like, 'Whoa.' I wanted to write that fun, anthemic feeling of like, 'I feel crazy, but great.'"

Pearce has already been performing "Heart's Going Out Of Its Mind," long before she even announced her self-titled record.

"'Heart's Going Out Of Its Mind' feels like a special song live," Pearce said. "From the second we put it in the set on the Jason Aldean tour, people have latched on to it. Whether we're playing on a tour or my show or a festival, it feels like it could be something. So it's fun to get to test out songs, and see what's reacting, and that one feels like one everybody really likes."

Pearce also opened up about the song on social media, sharing more of the story behind the song.

"I remember going in to write a few days after my first date with [Michael Ray]," Pearce posted. "I felt high, I felt out of body & definitely out of my mind — but somehow, I just knew. I'm so happy to bring y'all the very first song I wrote about my now HUSBAND. This song marks the beginning of my forever."

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Pearce will perform several headlining shows in 2020. as well as serve as the opening act on Old Dominion's upcoming tour. Find dates, and download "Heart's Going Out Of Its Mind," at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of BMLG / John Shearer