Trace Adkins Just Got Married, and Blake Shelton Was the Officiant

Country music star Trace Adkins and Canadian actress Victoria Pratt got married on Saturday, the "You're Gonna Miss This" singer announced on Instagram. Blake Shelton, who sang on "Hell Right" with Adkins, was the wedding officiant. This is Adkins' fourth marriage and the second for Pratt.

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"Join us in congratulating Trace & Victoria! They tied the knot yesterday in New Orleans," Adkins' social media team announced, alongside a photo of the couple exchanging vows with Shelton's help.

The post included tags for many of the wedding vendors, including photographers Starling and Sage.

"We had the AMAZING privilege of being a part of something fantastic yesterday - we’ve been so excited to share this amazing event," the photographers wrote on Instagram. "100% dream team, pulled together by the fab [Emily Sullivan Events] Thanks so much for working so hard with us Lauren, loved having you on our photo team !!!"

"SECRETS OUT... SO much more to come on this but let me just say, DREAM DAY in my career yesterday!!!!" reads a post from Just Face It Beauty. "Being a part of the beauty team for [Adkins] & his GORGEOUS wife, [Pratt] wedding was a highlight of my years in this industry...and [Shelton] officiating was the icing on the cake! I have so much more to share but too excited to share this peek!!! These vendors were a dream!!! This couple was a dream!!!"

The wedding took place at Maison Montegut in New Orleans.

Pratt and Adkins were made their debut as a couple over two years ago, notes E! News.

Adkins was previously married to Barbra Lewis, with whom he shares two daughters. He was married to Julie Lauren Curtis from 1991 to 1994 and Rhonda Forlaw from 1997 to 2015. He has three daughters with Forlaw, including Briana Adkins, who posted photos from New Orleans on Instagram Saturday.

Pratt was married to photographer and director T.J. Scott from 2000 to 2016. Pratt is best known for her role on Mutant X and starred in the short-lived series Day Break with Taye Diggs. Her other credits include episodes of Ghost Whisperer, CSI, NCIS, Cold Case and CBC's Heartland.

Adkins released his most recent album, Something's Going On, in 2017. In August, he teamed up with Shelton for the new single "Hell Right," Shelton's follow-up to "God's Country." Adkins also joined Shelton on his Friends and Heroes Tour earlier this year.

"It’s rooted from the same place that ‘God’s Country’ is and I love that about it," Shelton told The Tennessean of his new song. "It’s not coming from chasing any sound. It’s what feels right to me right now. I think ‘Hell Right’ is going to take what we started with ‘God’s Country’ and take it to the next level."

Adkins recently starred in the movie Bennett's War. He played the father of a soldier who survives an IED explosion during his overseas tour and faces the struggles of daily life back home.


"I just like the whole message of the movie," Adkins told at the film's Nashville premiere last month. "You know, the indomitable spirit. This guy being told that he would never ride again, and then you know, he's gonna prove everybody wrong and it's just one of those feel good stories."

Photo credit: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Forrest Film