Brantley Gilbert Doesn't Plan on Taking Time off After Birth of Daughter Braylen

Brantley Giblert and his wife, Amber, just welcomed their baby girl, Braylen, into the world, and already Gilbert is ready to get back to work. The singer reveals he isn't planning on taking any time off to be with his little girl, but he might take his 1-year-old son, Barrett, out on the road with him.

“For Barrett I took like three or four months off, just cause I wanted to be there and I didn’t wanna miss a thing," Gilbert told his record label. "And then he got here it was like, she was breast-feeding, so I was like, there’s really not a lot for dad to do when that’s going on. I mean we can can hold them and rock them and put them down for a nap, but there’s not a whole lot for us to do. So this time around I was a little more comfortable, and she was okay with it, like, ‘Go work. Don’t pace holes into the floor, you just drive me nuts anyway.'

"So this time around, I’m gonna be working, bouncing out for weekends and coming home," he continued. "And I’m kind of introducing the idea [that] I may take him and give her some time with baby girl and let him come out on the road with dad so … They come out with me but she hasn’t sent him out them out on the road with me without being there yet so we’ll see how that goes.”

Gilbert included a track about being a dad to Barrett on his upcoming Fire & Brimstone album. The song, called "Man That Hung the Moon," was Gilbert's way of addressing some tough issues he knows he will eventually have to deal with with his children.

"That song was one of those, I knew I wanted to write it," Gilbert told "Being a songwriter, I've written about most of the events of my life. Having a child, of course I was going to make a run at it. I was a little bit worried about it. I will tell you that I'm a perfectionist I feel like when it comes to songwriting, and when it came to write one about my son, it was almost like, it was more difficult because words didn't deserve him.


"Nothing was really good enough," he continued. "But I ended up writing a song about just really the reality of the situation, is I'll have to have some talks with my kids before most dads will, because my kids will find out more than most. As soon as they're old enough to read or listen to a story, they'll be privy to some stuff about me that I probably wouldn't share with them until later in life."

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Terry Wyatt