'Long Lost Family' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Greg Searches for His Birth Mother After Adoptive Mom Also Left


'Long Lost Family' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Greg Searches for His Birth Mother After Adoptive Mom Also Left

Trisha Yearwood Launches New Decor Line, Birch Lane, Reflecting Her Own Casual Style

Trisha Yearwood just launched her own furniture line, Birch Lane, but it is far from pretentious! The wife of Garth Brooks says the line, which currently includes dining tables, chairs, china cabinets and more, reflects her own casual style.

“I only set the table at Thanksgiving. Otherwise it’s ‘get your own plate,'”Yearwood told PEOPLE. “I want people to come to my house and feel very comfortable. So usually I’ll say, especially if someone has not come to my house before, ‘Look, I’m going to be in sweats.’ I want them to be comfortable when they walk in the door.”

It's that philosophy that helped guide Yearwood when choosing all of the items for Birch Lane, picking only things that she would want in her own home.

“I don’t want to put my name on something that I don’t like, even if it’s going to sell,” Yearwood explained. “I’ve always done that with music. I have never recorded a song I didn’t love. So I just carry that through in all of the businesses that I do.”

Yearwood thought about how she wants to feel when she's visiting someone else, when choosing what she wanted in her Birch Lane line.

“I don’t like to go into a house that’s gorgeous but you don’t want to sit on the furniture,” Yearwood noted. “I want you to go in and have [the space] feel very clean and elegant, but also like you can plop down on the couch or sit down at a round dinner table and feel like it’s casual.”

The 57-year-old admits that her famous husband doesn't necessarily always share in her tastes, but that doesn't stop her from choosing what she wants in their homes.

“Garth would be really happy with those chairs where you push the button and it leans back and there’s a cup holder,” Yearwood said. “He calls me ‘the queen,’ and he’s like 'whatever the queen likes.'”

Yearwood is back at radio with a new single, "Every Girl in This Town," which is already in the Top 40.

"I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm very surprised to be one of the women that's on the radio right now," Yearwood recently told PopCulture.com and other media. "I'm really excited about it. Honestly, I didn't set out to make a certain kind of record. I didn't set out to do any kind of anything except find songs that I love.

"And when I started this project about a year ago, I had no expectation except that I want to enjoy myself in the studio," she added. "This is one of the first songs I heard and I just loved it. I didn't have a plan."

"Every Girl in This Town" is from her upcoming Every Girl album, scheduled for an Aug. 30 release date. Download the single at TrishaYearwood.com.


Birch Lane items are currently available for purchase online. Visit BirchLane.com for more information.

Photo Credit: Getty images/John Shearer


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