Maren Morris on Going to Therapy: 'I've Been Working on A Lot of Things 'Emotionally'

Maren Morris' life and career are both definitely on an upswing. The Texan just released "GIRL" which is the title track of her upcoming sophomore album. She was one of only a small handful of female artists who found success on radio, with both her pop collaboration, "The Middle" with Zedd and Grey, and her own hit single, "Rich."

She also is happily married to songwriter Ryan Hurd, and was nominated for an astonishing five Grammy Awards this year. So while it might seem like nothing could go wrong for Morris, she is acutely aware of how quickly everything is changing, which is why Morris makes therapy a priority for her.

“I think I've been tackling a lot of personal growth," Morris told InStyle. "I started going to therapy for the first time last year, because I don't want my personal life or my professional life to be so different from each other that I can't come home at the end of the day and talk to my husband about it or have him talk to me about his career. I just have been working on a lot of things, emotionally. Getting married was so wonderful last year, and I feel like that's just become such a huge priority, obviously, for me.”

The 28-year-old also prioritizes her employees, and is learning how to be the best CEO she can be, for herself and her employees.

“My favorite thing at the end of the year is giving out Christmas bonuses," Morris maintained. "And I felt like a badass lady boss when I was able to put my band and crew on salary and health insurance; just sharing that with them makes it feel like less of a lonesome endeavor. I feel responsible now that I've got people who work for me, so actually giving them that kind of security was another big moment and a huge feat.”

Morris admits she doesn't like splurging on things for herself – at least not yet – but she will spend money on things that she believes matter, including her recently-released "GIRL" video.

"When it came time to talk about doing the music video for my single, "GIRL," it was the biggest video budget that Sony Nashville had seen," recalled the singer. "I remember thinking, ‘If they're not going to cover the entire cost, I really believe in this treatment. I believe in this director. I believe in myself and, if there’s anything that they don't put in, I will cover the rest of the balance.’

"This was the first time I've ever put my own money down and signed a check to pay for my own music video, even though it was the lesser amount [compared to] what the label put in," she continued. "I still felt like it was a risk, but I'm hoping it pays off. I think I'm at that point in my career where I can invest in myself financially. If you want to have your creative vision purely recognized, sometimes you just have to sign the check yourself. You end up footing the bill because you don't want any part of your vision watered down or discounted by financial restrictions.”


GIRL will be released on March 8. Download the single on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Chris Polk