Walker Hayes Reveals Personal Importance of Nostalgic '90's Country' Single


Walker Hayes Reveals Personal Importance of Nostalgic '90's Country' Single

Lauren Alaina Opens up About Her Father's Alcoholism

Lauren Alaina is opening up about her father's alcoholism. The Georgia native, who sings about his alcoholism in her current single, "Doin' Fine," says he is doing well, and is still embracing sobriety.

"My dad’s the best. I’m really proud of my daddy,” Alaina boasts (quote via Sounds Like Nashville). “October 6th will be his five-year anniversary of being sober. So that’s a big one for us. And it’s been really amazing the last few years with his recovery. Our relationship was a little rocky before he went into rehab and now we talk every single day. And he is my daddy and I’m so proud of him.”

In the midst of her parents' struggles, which included their divorce and subsequent marrying of other people, Alaina developed an eating disorder and had vocal surgery – just part of the highs and lows the 23-year-old has already experienced in her young life.

“My dad didn’t know that I had an eating disorder," Alaina tells People. "He had no idea, so that was weird. I was in an interview and just said it accidentally. I called my dad because I remember thinking, ‘My dad does not know that,’ and he was surprised. I think he understood though. My dad was an alcoholic and he was overcoming his own struggles, so I think I just didn’t want more on his plate for him to have to worry about.”

The American Idol alum is one of the hardest workers in country music – a trait she got from her father.

“He’s the hardest worker I know,” Alaina insists. “That’s why I work so hard because I grew up watching him do it. I’m proud of him and he moved to Alabama for work and he loves it. And he’s like 30 minutes from the beach. So I’m trying to hit that beach up every minute I can. But I’m really proud of him and he’s a great dad and he always has been.”

Alaina might have struggled in her early years, but things are certainly looking up for her now. The singer-songwriter just nabbed her first ACM Award, for New Female Vocalist of the Year, and is currently serving as the opening act on Jason Aldean's High Noon Neon Tour.

“This is a really rewarding moment for everyone on my team, because we have been fighting for so long and I just feel like we all won this award," Alaina says of her ACM win. "I guess we’ve been at this for seven years. And it’s just a big accomplishment to be able to start over and build it brick by brick, and for it to be recognized by the people that we trust and respect to know music is the next level of love and achievement.”


Find a list of all of Alaina's upcoming shows by visiting her website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/laurenalaina