Sugarland Reveals What's Next After New Album

Sugarland returned from a six-year hiatus in December 2017 with their single "Still the Same," and the duo is set to release their new album, Bigger, on June 8.

After such a long break, band members Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles are squarely focused on the present, though they did reflect on the impact of their music at a recent rehearsal for their upcoming tour.

"I wanna be remembered for storytelling and for stories that touch people, and that connect people," Nettles shared. "And that connect them to themselves and to each other. Mostly I want them to be reminded of what they want to become. And sometimes we think about that, or sometimes that becomes more clear as we think about where we've been."

She added that Sugarland's music touches on those themes, as well as messages of positivity.

"Sometimes, we like to celebrate that nostalgia," Nettles said. "But for the most part, we don't like to preach, but we do send messages and those are of beautiful things and of love and of hope. And I hope that we are able to leave that behind."

Bigger is packed full of those messages, and while Nettles didn't exactly promise a consistent album calendar from Sugarland following the project, she did share that another six-year hiatus isn't likely.

"What we've said all along, at least for right now, [Bigger] is so young we want to see how it does and how well it does to help guide us into what we want to do next," she explained. "But in the same way, I don't see there being a six-year hiatus. I see that all the things that we have learned and celebrated about ourselves individually, as those can continually be celebrated and feed what we're doing together, I continue to see us doing this in some form or another, depending on the timing."

During their hiatus, both Nettles and Bush pursued individual projects that allowed them to focus on other areas of their craft before reuniting as Sugarland.

Nettles continued, "Because, as creative people, for me, I would love to be able to continue to just put out material, but the reality is... there is a structure within which, in order to exploit it and get it out to as many people as possible, to which we are connected. So, we'll see."


Sugarland kicked off their Still the Same Tour on May 4, and the trek will run through September 8. Sugarland will be joined by opening acts Brandy Clark, Clare Bowen, Frankie Ballard and Lindsay Ell on select dates.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Sugarlandmusic