Dustin Lynch 'Longing to Find' True Love

Dustin Lynch is still very single – but maybe not for long. The 33-year-old reveals that his latest single, "Good Girl," was actually inspired by his desire to find true love.

"The inspiration behind the song is probably me longing to find that person," Lynch tells People. The two guys that I was with [Justin Ebach and Andy Albert] have already found their 'good girl.' So they were probably writing from a different spot than I am. I’m still writing about things that I haven’t experienced and want to experience in life. I think finding that special someone is something we’re all hurting to do."

"Good Girl," which says, "I got it good girl 'cause I got myself a good girl / Still can't believe I found you / Can't imagine life without you / I could take you home to Mama / Take you to the church right down the street / Yeah you up and took my whole world / And made it so good girl," is Lynch's way of speaking out what he – and his mother – want for his life.

"Just knowing that that person is out there somewhere for me," he adds, "and knowing that my mom wants me to find her more than anybody."

"Good Girl" isn't on Lynch's latest Current Mood album, but he felt like it was good enough to release on its own.

"A few weeks ago, we came across something that I just fell in love with immediately, and we just said, ‘Well, why not just go and record the song?’ And once we did that, I got to thinking, ‘Man, I can't live with this song not being heard this summer,’” Lynch shares. “So, I called my record label; they were cool with going ahead and letting me record it, and then I asked, ‘Man, what if we went ahead and put this out for summer '18. Like, I can't wait all year long to put this out next year, or something.’ And they were like, 'Well, hell yeah!'"

"Good Girl" doesn't sound like anything Lynch has released before; an intentional move on his part, even everyone doesn't agree with his decision.

"It feels like all of our singles have kind of been all over the map, and I feel like my radio team hates me for that," says Lynch. "Because they're like,'Why are you introducing another new sound?' But it's just what we love to do."


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Photo Credit: Facebook/Dustin Lynch