Scotty McCreery Reveals Upcoming Wedding Will Happen 'Very Soon'

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Scotty McCreery! The American Idol alum will marry his fiancée, Gabi Dugal, within the next few weeks.

"It's coming up," McCreery reveals to "Wedding is very soon. The final details are being put on, and yeah, I can't wait. Not like, next week, but it's in the single digit weeks."

McCreery and Dugal have been dating for several years, so he is more excited than anything else to finally be husband and wife.

"Yeah, it's a big step. It's a huge step," he adds. "But I'm excited; they're excited nerves. I'm excited, more than anything, just to come home from the tour and go back home with her. I love my guys, but I think I'm looking forward to seeing her."

McCreery met Dugal, a nurse, in North Carolina, but his upcoming bride is happily moving to Nashville to be closer to McCreery.

"Obviously there's a lot of hospitals in Nashville," says McCreery. "And she's falling in love with the city. Back in the day, a few years ago, she'd come in for the CMAs and go right back out in one day, and didn't get it. And then like, the last few years I've got her [in Nashville] for a week at a time, and she loved it. So we'll be there eventually."

The 24-year-old just earned his first No. 1 hit with "Five More Minutes," from his recent Seasons Change album. The song, written about his beloved grandfather who passed away, reminds McCreery of the good times he had with him before his death.

"It's something everybody dreams of, is having that big, big song. To have it be a personal song like 'Five More Minutes' too, it means the world to me," he says.

"For me, when I'm singing, I'm thinking back to the good times," he continues. "When I wrote the song about Granddaddy, I was thinking about how much fun we had together, at his pool in his backyard, with him doing cannonballs better than me, and playing golf with the guys. Every now and then, I get a little choked up thinking about him, but for the most part, I'm smiling, thinking back to the good times."

McCreery will have to squeeze a wedding and honeymoon in between his busy touring schedule. Find a list of all of his upcoming shows on his website.


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Photo Credit: Instagram/scottymccreery