Indiana Feek Remembers Late Mom Joey With a Picnic

Joey Feek passed away on March 4, 2016, and the late singer has been in her family's hearts ever since.

To commemorate her passing, Feek's husband, Rory Feek, their daughter Indiana and Rory's daughters Heidi and Hopie marked the day with a picnic, sharing the moment on Instagram along with a heartfelt caption.

"It’s been 2 years now since Joey passed away," Heidi wrote. "I see her in every flower that blooms and every smile on Indy’s face. Today we had a picnic, in the cemetery, next to Jo’s grave. I think she would’ve loved it. I miss her so much."

feek picnic
(Photo: Instagram / @feekyfeek)

In the snap, the three sisters sit on a blanket, a picnic basket open beside them as they smile for the camera. The sunny day was certainly a wonderful time to remember Joey, with the location by Joey's grave a way to both honor and include her in the day.

While Rory didn't post anything on social media on the day of Joey's death, he was certainly thinking of her.

Rory often shares family updates on his blog, This Life I Live, and his most recent post found him reflecting on the journey of life.

"Ain’t that how life is? It’s never really easy," he wrote. "It takes twists and turns and goes in directions you don’t want it to go in. You’re hoping for smooth sailing today, and the wind suddenly kicks up and spins your boat around in a completely different direction. And all you can do is hang on and try not to capsize.

Rory continued, "It used to disappoint me, that life couldn’t be simpler. But I’ve learned to embrace it. To do more than embrace it. To love that life is that way. That the crazy ride is what life actually is, when it is at its best."

The singer also shares plenty of photos of Indiana on social media, recently celebrating her fourth birthday with a sweet set of snaps, including one of the proud dad kissing his little girl on the cheek as Indiana beams.

rory feek indiana
(Photo: Instagram / @roryandjoey)

"A birthday kiss for our little Indiana who turns 4 years old today," he wrote.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @roryandjoey