Zendaya Praised for Compassionate Gesture Shown During the Oscars 2021

Zendaya's stylish commitment to COVID-19 safety precautions is earning the Euphoria actress praise after Sunday's socially distanced Oscars ceremony. While guests at the 93rd Academy Awards were not required to keep their face masks on while cameras were rolling during the ceremony, the 24-year-old actress opted to wear her face covering throughout the night, even when she was seated.

The only time she did remove her mask was for a brief photo session on the red carpet when she arrived, but even the photos she did take with the mask on were fashion-forward, as the yellow fabric perfectly matched her bright strapless gown, custom-designed by Valentino, and matching yellow heels from Jimmy Choo.

Zendaya's dedication to wearing her face mask was something that earned her praise from fans on Twitter. "ZENDAYA LOOKS INCREDIBLE AND WEARING A MASK, WE LOVE HER!" one person tweeted, as another added, "Zendaya showing everyone one of the reasons why she is superior by wearing her mask the entire ceremony! Safety Queen! I'm so happy to be fan of such an amazing person!" Others noted that it was a little frightening that Zendaya was the only star they saw who opted to keep their mask on the entire night, although there were additional safety procedures in place for the limited award ceremony attendees.

Last week, Variety reported that the whole ceremony was being treated as TV or film production and would have similar rigorous safety precautions throughout, meaning that "masks [were] not required for people on camera." The publication reported that all guests were subject to a mandatory temperature check, and that during the week prior, attendees were required to test negative for COVID three times before being cleared to attend.

When it came to the red carpet, only three photographers were brought on board to shoot the evening, and the number of press outlets authorized to do in-person interviews was "limited." For the few reporters granted interview access, seven feet of distance was required, as were negative tests on both sides. Nevertheless, Zendaya's added safety measures comply with CDC recommendations, and for that, fans are giving her credit.