Zelda Williams' Link Halloween Costume Had Instagram Erupting With Nostalgic Comments

Zelda Williams rocked a spot-on Link costume for Halloween, and after she posted a photo of it on Instagram her comments section began erupting with nostalgic fans. Williams — who is the daughter of the late actor and comedian Robin Williams — sported a full Link look, complete with sword and shield. In the post caption, she wrote, "Swiggity swooty, I'm coming for that rupee." Her followers have been going crazy for the outfit, with one writing, "Soooooo many nerds are losing their s— right now. Including me."

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Many pointed out the irony in Zelda being Link, since Link is from the Nintendo video game The Legend of Zelda, and because for years many have made the mistake of assuming that Link's name was Zelda. However, Zelda is the name of the princess that Link is tasked with saving.

"So, in the end. Link wasnt Zelda, but instead, Zelda was Link," one person joked.

"Somewhere out there, there is a man named Link dressed as Zelda for Halloween," another user quipped.

"I wouldn't put it past me people are gonna call you Zelda becuz of your costume and not the name," someone else said.

"PLAY ME SONG OF STORMS OF YR OCARINA," a fourth person commented, referring to another Zelda game, The Ocarina of Time.

Williams' father was a well-known and beloved Hollywood icon, who passed away in August 2014 after taking his own life.

This past August, Williams memorialized her father in another social media post, writing about her feelings five years after his untimely death.

"It's that time of year again," Zelda's post began. "Everyone who has dealt with loss knows the pain of certain anniversaries, moments full of memory that come round like clockwork and usurp all others, no matter how hard you may try to prepare for or avoid them. These weeks are the hardest for me, and thus, you'll see me a lot less, if at all."

"For all the internet's good intentions in expressing to me their fondness for dad, it's very overwhelming to have strangers need me to know how much they cared for him right now," she continued. "It's harder still to be expected to reach back. So while I've got the strength, consider this my one open armed response, before I go take my yearly me time to celebrate his and my birthdays in peace."


"Thank you for loving him. Thank you for supporting him and his life's work. Thank you for missing him. I do too," she later wrote, in tribute to her loving father.

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