Zac Efron Shocks Fans With New Mullet Hairstyle

Zac Efron recently shocked fans when it was revealed that he got a new hairstyle, which appears to [...]

Zac Efron recently shocked fans when it was revealed that he got a new hairstyle, which appears to be of the mullet variety. Photos of the new 'do surfaced on Instagram when they were shared by the Attaboy barber shop in Kent Town, South Australia. Efron has been spending some time Down Under during quarantine for the coronavirus pandemic, and "dropped into" the shop "for a tidy up."

The guys from the shop joked that they "gave him a mullet," and added, "He also gave the boss man, Robby, a trim - and made him feel 17 again." This is, of course, a reference to the 2009 film, 17 Again, in which Efron starred opposite Matthew Perry. In one of the photos, the High School Musical star is seen sitting in the barber chair getting his new style worked on. Another photo sees him giving the shop boss his new cut, and then one last photo shows the actor posing with all the guys from the shop.

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Efron has been an A-list star since his exploding out of his Disney days and appearing in films such as the Hairspray musical film, Neighbors and the Baywatch reboot film. "I've been able to learn and grow with each film and each role," he told SCMP earlier this year. "I've been very lucky to have got my life together and experience a new kind of awareness where I'm enjoying every moment so much more."

"Being in the public eye, you need to be able to deal with the kind of embarrassment that comes from having your life scrutinized," Efron continued. "The experience teaches you to be able to live through all the good and bad times and take responsibility for your life. That's probably the most important and valuable lesson that I've learned, and I try to apply that going forward. It's been an interesting journey and I like where things are headed."

The actor then went on to share his feelings on balancing his private and public lives, saying that he believes it's best to be transparent with his fans. "I think it's always good to be very candid and upfront," Efron said. "I think when you have enjoyed a good relationship with your fans over the years, it's important to respect their trust and be as honest as possible. Everyone has been so supportive of me within my family and friends, and many of my fans have come up to me and wished me well."