Zac Efron Starring in 'Three Men and a Baby' Remake on Disney+

Zac Efron will reportedly star in a remake of Three Men and a Baby, to premiere exclusively on Disney+. The classic comedy remake was announced on Monday by The Hollywood Reporter. Aside from Efron's casting, little is known about the project.

Efron will bring the star-power to Three Men and a Baby, which Disney is creating for its streaming service, Disney+. It will be produced by Gordon Gray, who is best known for working on sports dramas — most recently The Way Back starring Ben Affleck. So far, no director has been chosen, but Will Reichel has already written the screenplay. At least two more leading men are needed to bring this ensemble comedy to fruition.

The 1987 Three Men and a Baby was itself an adaptation, based on an older French film called Three Men. The 1987 American version starred three of the most prominent leading men of the time — Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson. They portrayed New York City bachelors who stumble into co-parenting a baby together, and all fall in love with the child. On top of the mundane struggles of parenting, however, they find themselves facing off with a band of drug dealers.

It is unclear how closely the remake will hold to this formula, and what may be updated for modern times. The original movie was groundbreaking, as it was Disney's first live-action film to make over $100 million at the domestic box office. Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy directed it. In 1990, Disney tried to recapture the magic with a sequel called Three Men and a Little Lady, though Nimoy did not return.


In a way, the reboot is a milestone for Efron and Disney, as well. The actor has not partnered with the massive entertainment company for many years now. He skyrocketed into the mainstream as the star of Disney Channel's High School Musical, but like many other child stars, he has worked hard to establish himself as an adult performer in the years since. After portraying action heroes, party animals and even the serial killer Ted Bundy, Efron is making his return to the Disney umbrella, for better or worse.

There is no word yet on when the Three Men and a Baby reboot might be available to watch, especially with the coronavirus pandemic still keeping filming schedules uncertain. In the meantime, Efron's most recent project was released just last month on Netflix. The docu-series Down to Earth follows Efron around the world as he explores different modes of environmental sustainability. It is available to watch now.