Zac Efron Fans React to 'High School Musical' and 'Baywatch' Star's Reported Hospitalization

Zac Efron was reportedly hospitalized just before Christmas, and fans are expressing their concern online. The Sunday Telegraph reported that the High School Musical and Baywatch actor suffered some sort of "form of typhoid or similar bacterial infection" that triggered "a life or death medical emergency." The 32-year-old actor was said to be in Papua New Guinea filming his upcoming Quibi docuseries Killing Zac Efron, which is set to see the actor trek through jungles in a format similar to Man vs. Wild. He was reportedly flown to Australia and hospitalized at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital, located in Spring Hill.

The actor is said to be recovered and back on U.S. soil now. However, it is worth noting that The Sunday Telegraph's original report is no longer available online, although publications including the Daily Mail and The Daily Star still have their reports on the incident live.

Whether Efron is on the mend of if the hospitalization was not as severe as originally reported, fans of the actor, who starred in The Beach Bum and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile this year, are hoping for the best.

When's report on the incident went live on the Facebook page, commenters said that Efron was in their prayers.

"Awww. How sad. Prayers for a full recovery," one fan wrote.

"Prayers for him! Get well!" a second added.

"Feel better real soon," another well wisher wrote.

"Very scary," another said.

Over on Twitter, there was a mix of panic and speculation about the reports. Some fans cited alleged sightings of the actor in Los Angeles around the time of the hospitalization, while others were just reeling at the thought of a health scare.

"Wow I just woke up this Sunday Morning and I see this! What the heck," one fan wrote.

"Seriously everyone chill out if you read several different articles Zac Efron is fine," another fan wrote. "He was stable when he was rushed in, then he recieved (sic) medical treatment for several days and is now in the all clear and was sent back home to the U.S on christmas eve."

"We cannot lose zac efron," another fan wrote.

"Cannot imagine my life without him in it my one true love," a fourth wrote.

"how scary and really is all over the internet I just looked, but obviously he's alive and ok cos we just saw pictures if him at the shops in L.A so no stress Thank God he's ok," a speculative fan wrote.

Another fan took their worries about the incident straight to the actor, himself, writing: "@ZacEfron ARE YOU OKAY???? I just read a piece about you being rushed to hospital before Christmas PLEASE BE OKAY PLEASE."


Efron's camp has not commented on the reports as of press time.

Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images