'Winnie the Pooh' Voice Actor Jim Cummings Accused of Sexual Assault, Animal Abuse

Winnie the Pooh voice actor Jim Cummings has been accused of sexual assault and animal abuse.

According to Page Six, Cummings' ex-wife Stephanie Cummings claims in court documents that he "has engaged in physical, sexual and emotional abuse including but not limited to death threats, rape, and various sexual deviant behavior forced upon me without my consent" since their split in 2001.

The couple are currently in the middle of a heated custody and child support battle over their two daughters, who she does not believe are safe with him.

According to Stephanie's filings, Cummings once "forcefully put his hand on the back of my neck and kissed me while holding me in place against the wall" and smacked her on the behind while their then-4-year-old watched. This resulted in the first of two different restraining orders that Stephanie had filed against Cummings.

On a separate occasion, she says that Cummings said in front of their children that he had the right to "touch Mommy's breasts since he had paid for them."

The documents from the Los Angeles, California court state that Stephanie refers to Cummings as a "much smaller version of Harvey Weinstein."

She eventually went on to cite a specific incident in 2013 when she says Cummings raped her, and added that he often "without consent, would touch my buttocks, my groin, and my breasts" and "demand sex from me in exchange for meeting his support obligations."

In 2017, Stephanie moved her two children to Utah, but claims the abuse started again when Cummings came to visit. She alleges that one night she awoke to find him "standing over me with his erect penis in my hand" while one of their daughters was asleep next to her in the bed. It was this incident, she claims, prompted the second restraining order.

As far as allegations of animal abuse, Stephanie claims that abused abused their dog on multiple occasions as well. She accuses him of once breaking the pup's hip with a broom, and states that on another occasion put the animal "inside a metal bucket outside of the house on a day which it was over 100 degrees, then left it there for a long time" until it "came close to dying."

Cummings denies the allegations against him, counter-claiming that Stephanie has on multiple occasions threatened to ruin his career by saying things such as, "I am going to tell people Winnie the Pooh is a woman beating, drug addicted freak!"


In addition to voicing Winnie the Pooh for many years — most recently in Disney's 2018 film Christopher Robin — Cummings also voiced cartoon characters such as Darkwing Duck and the Tasmanian Devil.