Who Is Kaitlynn Carter?

Reality star Kaitlynn Carter returned to the spotlight on Friday when she was spotted kissing Miley Cyrus, shortly before her split from Liam Hemsworth was announced. Now, many fans are looking back for a refresher on Carter, and the complex web of connections between her and Cyrus.

Cyrus and Hemsworth announced that they were separating on Friday night. Representatives for the couple confirmed that they were amicably taking some time apart, mostly because of their busy schedules and incompatible lifestyles. Just hours before, however, Entertainment Tonight published photos of Cyrus kissing Carter in Italy.

Carter, too, just recently went through a break up. The 30-year-old split up with Brody Jenner this month, according to a report by TMZ, making things potentially awkward for them as they both star on The Hills: New Beginnings.

Carter's relationship with Jenner is what first brought her into the public eye. The two began dating in 2013, when they met at a party. At the time, she told PEOPLE that their relationship was characterized by honesty from the beginning.

"He was really honest about what he wanted, no messing around, and I found that really charming and refreshing," she said. "Pretty soon after we started dating, I thought it could be for life."

Some fans found this hard to believe, having seen Jenner on TV, but whatever their dynamic, the couple had six happy years together without a major scandal. In the meantime, Carter found her own ways to stand out. According to a report by Hollywood Life, she holds a degree in English from the University of New Hampshire, so it should come as no surprise that she found success as a blogger.

Carter's lifestyle blog, Hey, Miss Carter, launched in 2014. She treated it as a "digital diary" in many ways, documenting everything from her public life to her private feelings. The blog has lapsed recently, however, with her last post made in July of 2018. It concerned her wedding dress for her marriage to Jenner at the time.

Carter found success on social media as well, where she became an orbital member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan's Instagram empire. There, she left a flirty comment on one of Cyrus' posts saying: "hot girl summer." She also founded a skincare brand called Selfé, which is due to launch some time soon.


Jenner proposed to Carter in 2016, on a trip to Sumba, Indonesia. The couple returned there for their wedding in 2018, though according to TMZ the ceremony was not authentic. Jenner and Carter reportedly never acquired a marriage license, so their marriage was not legally binding.

This should make their newly announced separation that much easier. The couple announced their split last week. Their shared representative, Scott Newman, told reporters that "they love and respect one another and know that this is the best decision for their relationship moving forward.”