Wendy Williams Defends Kelly Ripa Following 'Bachelorette' Criticism

Wendy Williams is siding with Kelly Ripa following the new feud sparked by the Live! With Kelly and Ryan co-host's opinion on The Bachelor franchise.

The Wendy Williams Show host spoke about the controversy during the "Hot Topics" segment of Friday's episode.

"I'm not a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette either," the series' host said. "It's so stupid, women parading themselves around. It depends on who you are, what you want to do with your life. For me, it's degrading."

However, the Ask Wendy author also noted that the dating show is "just entertainment" and is "not that serious," as Us Weekly first reported.

Williams then spoke of show host Chris Harrison's response to Ripa's claims. He tweeted a day after Ripa spoke her opinion on the show: "Look out #BachelorNation [Kelly Ripa]⁩ is coming after you and your 'disgusting' Monday night habit."

The talk show host clapped back at Harrison during the segment, saying: "Chris should just stay out of it and be happy he's hosting a hit show."

Williams also spoke against Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss' suggestion that the reality competition series pays for Ripa's salary.

"As memory serves me, Kelly Ripa has been at ABC... longer than The Bachelor has been on," Williams added. "She jumped into an already successful show, she continued to keep it an already successful show. If anybody is paying anybody's salary... I'm just saying."

Ripa took over Kathie Lee Gifford's role as Regis Philbin's Live! co-host in 2001. She has been leading the ABC morning show since then, now joined on the desk by Ryan Seacrest. The talk show made headlines earlier this week when she expressed her disdain for the successful ABC reality television franchise.

"You guys, you know how I feel about the show, it disgusts me," Ripa said. "I can't stand the idea of 25 exceptional women fighting over one ordinary fella, in my opinion. You know how I feel, ladies, we are too special to be arguing over a guy."

After Fleiss tweeted his shady comment toward Ripa, Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo chimed in on the controversy, shaming the television producer for his comments.


"Okay [Fleiss]... that's some handle bro! Your show does NOT pay [Kelly Ripa's] salary. Also we don't attack successful women on our network and men certainly cannot take credit for their success. Don't get me started on your show [because] I'm a savage," she added, also adding the hashtag, #bachelorsoooowhite.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.