Wendy Williams Breaks Down in Tears in Emotional New Documentary Trailer

Wendy Williams' recent issues are featured in Lifetime's new documentary 'Where is Wendy Williams?'

Wendy Williams is breaking her silence in a new documentary about the turmoil in her private life that led to her sudden exit from The Wendy Williams Show. Williams gets emotional in the first trailer for Lifetime's new two-part documentary, Where is Wendy Williams?, as she reveals what's been going on with her health and legal battles since leaving her talk show in July 2021. 

"Since I was six years old, all I wanted was to be famous," Williams says in a voiceover, recalling how she left the spotlight and disappeared at the "peak of her career" amid concerns about her health and finances. "All I know is how to be famous," she says at one point, adding in another conversation with her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., "I want to be back on television." Hunter admits not all is as it seems, however, telling the camera, "My mom has done a great job making it seem like everything is OK always, but in reality there's something wrong going on."

Williams' health is at the forefront of the concerns her family has for her. Asked if she has "seen a neurologist," Williams replies, "To find out if I'm crazy? Mhmm." When the television and radio personality is shown needing breaks to sit and help to stand, one family member explains she was "put in front of a judge and given a guardian" when her personal struggles got to be too much. "That was when they took her away from us," he continues. 

Williams can't help but get emotional as she sobs into a throw pillow in the trailer, later admitting, "I have no money," and telling the audience, "And let me tell you something, if it happens to me, it can happen to you." Williams' alcohol use is also discussed, as she's found with a bottle of vodka alongside her things, which she instructs one of her loved ones to "keep the bottle there" as she stays in bed.

One of her family members says, "Anyone can look at her and tell this is not just alcohol, there's something more going on." Hunter adds,  "I feel like the guardian has not done a good job of protecting my mom." Williams notes in the trailer that she feels like no one in her life really cares for her, adding, "I love being famous. But family is everything. Everything."

Where is Wendy Williams? premieres on Feb. 24 on Lifetime with the second part airing the next day.