Wendy Williams Reportedly Relocated to Florida

After years of public and private battles, the beloved queen of daytime TV is said to be in the Sunshine State addressing her health issues.

Wendy Williams has been missing in action since going on hiatus from her now-canceled daytime talk show. The "Hot Topics" guru has reportedly been dealing with a number of health issues, including graves disease and lymphodema, which she's addressed publicly. She's also battled drug and alcohol addiction, seemingly relapsing as her marriage to longtime husband/manager, Kevin Hunter, fell apart.

But where is Williams at now? Word on the street is Williams has moved to Florida.

The news was shared by fellow radio personality, Miss Jones. As The Jasmine Brand reports, During a recent segment on 94.7 The Block morning show, Miss Jones is said have shared that she tried checking in on Willaims as close friends grew concerned. When she attempted to visit the New York City apartment building Williams was last known to have lived in, Jones claimed she was told by staffers: "You're a couple of months late. She moved."

Jones said she later learned that Williams was recovering from her illness but became sick again and moved to be closer to family.

Williams' brother Tommy lives in Florida. Hunter and his long-term mistress had a daughter and have been living together in Florida since his divorce from Williams was finalized. Their adult son, Kevin Jr., also relocated to Florida where he attended school at the University of Miami, but amid Williams' financial issues and Wells Fargo bank freezing her account due to her having reported issues with her mental health, Kevin Jr. was evicted from his apartment funded by his mother. Hunter also stopped receiving his monthly settlement payments from Williams.

Williams is suspected to be dealing with early dementia, though she's denied such and promised a comeback. 

Jones claimed that previous reports about Williams being taken advantage of by people around her are true. Kevin Jr. publicly bashed Williams' team alleging his mother wasn't in her right state of mind while making personal and business decisions last year. 

"Because her family's in Florida and people were coming in her circle that they weren't familiar with and they didn't know, like, they couldn't get access to her when they wanted, they moved her down to Florida…So she is allegedly down in Florida with her son recuperating," Jones said.