Watch Lorraine Warren and Vera Farmiga Embrace Each Other in Old 'The Conjuring' Set Video

The horror and paranormal community are mourning the loss of Lorraine Warren at the age of 92. The famous investigator made her name alongside husband Ed Warren in several high-profile cases, including the Amityville haunting that ended up on the big screen. Their exploits inspired the more recent Conjuring series of films and their spin-offs, leading to the release of this touching moment from the production of the first film in the franchise.

The clip, posted by a Vera Farmiga fan account on Twitter, shows the elderly paranormal investigator embracing her big-screen counterpart during a visit to the set.

"[Rest] in peace beautiful angel [Lorraine Warren] this is one of my favorite moments of her with Vera," the Twitter post read capped off with a heart emoji.

The video shows Farmiga sneaking up behind Warren to surprise her as she speaks with Patrick Wilson on The Conjuring set. Farmiga refers to Warren as "Mama Bear" before they give each other a big hug. "You look beautiful," the actress says to Warren, who has a bow in her hair and red jacket, dressing similar to how you see her representation in the film.

Farmiga also shared her own touching words on social media following Warren's passing on Thursday.

"My dear friend Lorraine Warren has passed. From a deep feeling of sorrow, a deep feeling of gratitude emerges," Farmiga says on Twitter. "I was so blessed to have known her and am honored to portray her. She lived her life in grace and cheerfulness. She wore a helmet of salvation, she dawned her sword compassion, and took a shield of faith. Righteousness was her breastplate, and she has touched my life so."

The actress also noted Warren's husband, adding that she's "waltzing with Ed now."

While the couple did inspire the events seen in The Conjuring films, including the Annabelle doll and the original film, their involvement in the real-life events that inspired the second film isn't exactly factual. That said, their exploits shined a light on the paranormal and they are well known in the community.

According to a past interview, Warren tried to give an answer for the phenomenon her and her husband encounter over the years. This includes why no one can give a solid answer for why it happens.

"That is very, very hard to answer. Why hasn't it been answered before? We're going through a time where people are brilliant. There's a lot of help out there. But we're not going to have any answers," Warren said in the chat with Birth.Movies.Death.

Ed Warren passed away in 2006, leaving his wife behind to carry their torch. She still took part in the community apparently, even reportedly receiving some messages from beyond the grave sent by her husband.

"Once while investigating a case of demonic activity alone after Ed passed she felt his hand grab and hold her hand while she was in the house," Warren's son-in-law Tony Spera noted in an interview. "It felt like electrical energy tingling throughout her hand and fingers."

Spera was also the person who announced the passing on Facebook, noting she "died peacefully in her sleep" and "touched many lives" during her life.


"To quote Will Rogers, she never met a person she didn't like. She was an avid animal lover and contributed to many animal charities and rescues. She was wonderful and giving to her entire family. May God Bless her."