Watch Bill Cosby Led Away From Court in Handcuffs

Bill Cosby was led from the courtroom in handcuffs on Tuesday, after his official prison sentence was handed down.

Cosby looked down, a determined expression on his face as he walked past cameras in handcuffs. A video published by ABC News shows the 81-year-old comedian holding his hands out in front of him, walking with a large retinue of police, guards and officials, as he left the courtroom in Norristown, Pennyslvania.

On Tuesday, Judge Steven O'Neill sentenced Cosby to 3 to 10 years in a Pennsylvania state prison. Cosby's lawyers hoped that O'Neill would let the comedian stay on house arrest or probation as they attempted to appeal his case, while prosecutors called this an attempt at a "get out of jail free card." Ultimately, O'Neill decided to deny the request.

Reporters on the scene said that Cosby was "stoic" throughout this morning's proceedings. As the sentence itself was read, he took off his suit jacket, standing in his shirt sleeves and suspenders, as he appeared in the video above. He was reportedly taken straight from court to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility for processing. After that, he will go straight to a Pennsylvania state prison, though which one is still unclear.

In the courtroom, O'Neill reportedly pointed out that Cosby has continually denied the allegations against him, and has never seemed to express remorse for any of them — including the attack on Andrea Constand, of which he was found guilty. He also noted that Cosby has never sought any formal psychological counseling, and labeled the comedian a "sexually violent predator."

"Mr. Cosby, you were convicted of a very serious crime," O'Neill said, referring to the sexual assault as a "planned predation."

All of this added up to the judge's refusal of bail, which he said he would not have granted to anyone else in the same situation.

"The court's reason for not granting bail pending an appeal [is because]... he was a risk, and at this stage, I'm just not going to treat him any differently than anyone else that comes through this court. I don't see why I would," O'Neill said.

Cosby's lawyers were hoping to spare him from any time behind bars if possible. On Monday, they raised the argument that, whatever he was found guilty of in the past, he is no longer a danger to anyone.

"Mr. Cosby is not dangerous," said attorney Joseph P. Green. "81-year-old blind men who are not self-sufficient are not dangerous."


Montgomery County District Attorney Kevine Steele responded by requesting the maximum sentence for Cosby, which would have been 30 years.

"Nobody is above the law," he said.