'The View' Host Sunny Hostin Reacts to ABC Exec's Alleged Racist Remarks

Monday's episode of The View featured a very open conversation between Sunny Hostin and her fellow co-hosts regarding the recent ousting of Barbara Fedida, ABC News' senior vice president of talent and business affairs. Fedida was placed on leave from the network after she allegedly made racist remarks about Hostin, Robin Roberts, and other Black journalists and anchors at the network. As a result, Hostin addressed the topic on The View, where she noted that this kind of behavior "has got to stop."

This whole matter began after journalist Yashar Ali penned a piece for The Huffington Post about Fedida, who he claimed has an extensive history of insensitive comments. While the alleged comment did not make it into the actual piece, Ali claimed on Twitter that Fedida referred to Hostin as "low rent." On Monday, Hostin acknowledged this matter, telling the audience that it was a tough weekend for her as she had to deal with this story, as TooFab noted. She said on the talk show, "I think I should say something. It was a tough weekend for me and I was really disappointed and saddened and hurt when I learned about the racist comments that were made, allegedly, about me, my colleagues and my dear friends."

Hostin went on to share that Fedida's alleged "low rent" comment stung as she is someone who has "been very open about having grown up in public housing." She noted that this alleged behavior "tells me that systemic racism touches everything and everyone in our society, regardless of social stature. No one is immune." Hostin then thanked her co-hosts — Meghan McCain, Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behar — as well as the executive producers on The View for supporting her amidst this situation.


"It's the type of racism Black people deal with every single day, and it has to stop," Hostin continued. "And I look forward to the results of what I hear is going to be an independent, external investigation. I felt very loved and supported by my colleagues; I felt supported by all of you. I know Meghan, and I had at least an hour conversation this weekend. Whoopi, you were so supportive. Joy, you were so supportive. My executive producers were so supportive, and I thank you all for that." Hostin ended her thoughts on this subject by saying that, if this is indeed true, she hopes that this will prompt much-needed changes at ABC and, on a much larger scale, the country.