Vanna White's 'Wheel of Fortune' Contract in Limbo Over 'Tremendous' Pay Request

Vanna White has been negotiating her contract to get a bigger pay raise on 'Wheel of Fortune.'

Vanna White's future on Wheel of Fortune is still unknown. The longtime co-host and staple on the long-running game show has been in negotiations about her contract since Pat Sajak announced he'd be retiring after the upcoming season. Unfortunately, it seems there have been a few hiccups, an insider revealed to Daily Mail. Things started looking bleak after White contracted COVID-19 over the summer.

"Vanna and the producers are currently on a similar page and want to get a deal done, but they both have a few hiccups to still clear through," the insider shared. "They both know they have a lot of time to do it and more discussions to be had, but everyone wants something achieved and wouldn't want Pat's last year hampered by the constant news of the revolving contract dispute drama. They want to celebrate this year with little to no drama."

In addition, the source also said there were some issues causing a stalemate in negotiations because it could possibly be Vanna White's final contract with Wheel of Fortune. "They want her next contract, though, to be her last contract, so there is a little more maneuverability to change things up in a few years when they look for her replacement. Vanna is actually OK with that, she just wants a tremendous payday that the show isn't ready to even consider at this time."

It doesn't seem like Vanna White is backing down any time soon. Considering how long she's been on the show and how important she is to Wheel of Fortune, it makes sense why she's been fighting so hard for better pay. Both she and Pat Sajak are the faces of the game show. Since she will still be on next season, there is still just less than a year to get the contract under control. Losing White and Sajak at the same time would be catastrophic, mostly because Wheel of Fortune would never be the same again.

With new seasons of Wheel of Fortune and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune premiering next month, fans will still get Pat Sajak and Vanna White on their screens, at least for now. Hopefully, White's negotiations will continue so she can stay on the series for a little bit longer. But just in case, fans will want to watch Wheel while they can because this will be the last season with the dynamic duo.