Pop Singer Marrying Secret Partner of Nine Years: Paul Kim Breaks the 'Sudden News' to His Fans

The couple decided to forego a wedding ceremony in lieu of focusing on their love.

South Korean singer and songwriter Paul Kim, given name Kim Tae Hyeong, is marrying his longtime girlfriend. On April 25th, Kim released a handwritten letter explaining the news of his marriage on his official website, which he said would be the beginning of a new chapter for him and his long-term lover of nine years, per Editorji.

As he thanked his loved ones who supported his decision, Kim spoke about how the sudden announcement might have taken his fans by surprise. He also said he is looking forward to embracing the upcoming moments in the best way possible. 

Kim also mentioned that his soon-to-be wife understands and supports him, praising his girlfriend as "someone who always tells me it is okay every time I have a hard time." As for his future bride-to-be, "She is the person who always tells me that it's okay in difficult moments," and "It's been nine years since I met and been with someone who understands and supports me, both the best and the worst, within my limitations. I want to promise my life to someone," he said. 

The K-pop singer also revealed that with the consent of both their families, they decided not to conduct a wedding ceremony, hoping to simplify procedures and rituals while concentrating only on their love for each other. The letter begins, "I am writing this because I want to be the first to convey this news to Paul in Love [fandom name]. I've been pondering over the right words to express my thoughts, and I'm still a bit nervous, but I'll gather my courage and share them with you."

"...There were times when it was hard for me to show the parts of myself that I disliked in front of many people. But then I met someone who always told me that it was okay." Kim continued. "Nine years have passed since I met this person who understands and supports me for who I am, with all my limitations and imperfections, and I'm now planning to spend my life with that person. We've decided to forgo the wedding ceremony in accordance with our wishes and with the permission of both families."

"I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those around me who have supported my decision and given me heartfelt advice," he added. "I understand that some of you may be surprised by this sudden news, and my heart aches for that. However, I'm eager to embrace the upcoming moments with open arms, facing new emotions, learning, and growing."

Kim debuted in 2014 with the singles "Would You Like Some Coffee?" and "Ex." He has also sung on the OSTs for several popular Korean dramas, including Reborn RichHotel Del Luna, and The Glory. Additionally, the artist sang "Can't Get Over You" from the hit Queen of Tears, which is currently streaming on Netflix.