'Wheel of Fortune' Personality Vanna White Reveals Whether She'd Ever Alternate Between Hosting and Letter Board Duties

After Wheel of Fortune personality Vanna White was asked to step in for longtime host, Pat Sajak on the beloved weekday game show following an emergency surgery procedure for an intestinal blockage, fans have been applauding White's appearance in the new role. With fans taking to social media praising White's chattier demeanor, many are wondering if the 62-year-old would ever want to alternate between her signature letter-turning duties to hosting the series down the line. But as she explains in a new interview, White isn't exactly gunning for a promotion on the long-running TV staple.

While chatting with Esquire about a possible "crazy world in the future," where she'd get the chance to go back and forth between the letter board and hosting, White admits she is happy where she is at the moment.

"No. I like my puzzle board, I want to stay at my puzzle board," White said. "And there's no competition either. It's Pat's job, and I'm filling in for him. I'm not looking to take his position."

When asked what it was like to even fill in for Sajak, whom she shared recently is "feeling great" and on the road to recovery, White likened the experience of being asked to that of a baseball team and its recruitment process. "It's like I've been playing first base in this ball game... and all of a sudden the captain comes up and says you're gonna play pitcher today," she said. "It's like, 'Ooh, wait, I know how to play first base, and I know how to play the game, but putting myself in another position is totally different.'"

White, who has already completed filming three weeks of shows, also addressed the controversial element to her hosting duties that audiences and she had not experienced before, but yet picked up on very quickly.

"I've been doing this for a long time, and you never hear me talk, right?" she said. "I think you've heard me say more words in the past few days than you've heard me say in 37 years."

As for Sajak, White is excited for him to return, sharing that he has been doing "great," and that they started filming with him again last week with the hostess admitting the two are a real team when together.

"We started back last Thursday and we shot two weeks of shows last week and now we're here today," she admitted. "We'll be shooting today and tomorrow. He's back to normal!"


Wheel of Fortune airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings.

Photo credit: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images