Valerie Bertinelli Reveals Rare Look at Her Gray Hair

The Food Network star showed off her roots in an inspiring Instagram video.

Valerie Bertinelli is embracing aging! The 63-year-old Food Network star took to Instagram Tuesday with a "PSA about filters and gray roots" in response to comments she's received from followers about her appearance and periodic use of filters on social media.

"I'm filming with no filter today because some of y'all get really bent out of shape when I choose to use a filter, which I've told you about," Bertinelli began her video. "Sometimes I use filter and sometimes I don't. Most of the time, I do use filter because this is me with no makeup and this is no filter." After one of her followers claimed she was wearing a wig, however, Bertinelli decided to prove them wrong, bending down to show off her gray roots.

"Can you get me a wig without flipping gray roots then, please, because I'm tired of getting my roots done every two weeks," she joked. "Thank goodness 99.9% of you are really kind, sweet people and don't give a flying flip whether I have roots or I put a filter on. But some of y'all need to chill out, OK? I mean seriously."

Bertinelli was met with encouraging comments from her followers, one of whom advised her, "Do what you want, whatever you are comfortable with. You come across as truly kind and caring. That's all that matters." Another reassured her, "You're a beautiful person! Color if you want or just embrace the fact god gave precious metals streaks! You earned them! Makes you shimmery!"

The One Day at a Time actress recently opened up about aging in a November TikTok, calling it "such a trip" as she revealed some of the ways she's noticed herself getting older. "I can still jog upstairs but I can't run upstairs. I can still do a nice deep squat, but I gotta hold onto something to pull myself back up. I used to always be able to sit in child's pose when you're sitting on the back of your ankles. Boy, I can still do that, but it's uncomfortable," she said at the time. "I've seen parts of my body that are sagging that didn't use to sag. Like, what the hell is that? I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around this aging stuff because in my brain, I am still this young, goofy, let's have fun girl."