Valerie Bertinelli Gets Emotional While Speaking up About Negative Body Image

Valerie Bertinelli is opening up about her body image issues. The One Day At A Time actress, 61, shared an emotional video Thursday ahead of the holidays in which she spoke emotionally about her problems with her body image, crying as she admitted she was just trying to be "positive and more full of joy."

"I'm standing out in the rain because I'm doing my best to distract my mind from spiraling to a place of self-loathing, because I saw a picture of myself today that made me want to do that," she began. "I am not where I want to be right now, body-wise. I don't know if I ever will be, but when I see it right in front of me, it really does send me down that path. And I am doing my best to be positive and more full of joy and hopefully my body will follow along. I'm not there yet."

Turning her focus, Bertinelli said she didn't want to "focus on all the shortcomings and flaws and imperfections," adding that everyone should give themselves "permission to feel joy, be intentional about it, and remember to be grateful." The Hot in Cleveland star concluded, "I am grateful, even through all the mess. 'Cause there's still good in all the mess."

In July, the Food Network star spoke openly about her body image after seeing trolling comments about her weight on social media from someone who "decided to point out that I needed to lose weight." Bertinelli quipped, "Because see, I don't have a scale or I don't have clothes that I'm trying to put on every day, and I don't have mirrors so I don't see what's become of me. So I needed that help to let me know that I need to lose weight."


She continued that if she was able to lose the weight and keep it off, she would, but she has not "been successful with that my whole entire life... at 61, I'm still dealing with [it]. You think I'm not tired of it, lady?" The Valerie's Home Cooking star then asked where the compassion was on social media, adding that the comment was "not f-ing helpful." She asked in the caption, "Aren't we tired of body shaming women yet?!"