Dr. Drew Weighs in on Usher's STD Drama

Dr. Drew has officially weighed in on the multiple STD lawsuits that R&B star Usher is currently facing.

Giving his professional opinion to TMZ, Dr. Drew said, "People are so preoccupied with this skin rash that really doesn't harm anybody. It's unpleasant but it's highly stigmatized."

"I'm not saying herpes are nothing. I'm not saying that. I'm saying for some people it's unpleasant, it's uncomfortable, it has issues around pregnancy, but the bigger issue is the stigma," he continued.

Next, Dr. Drew mentioned that he spoke to Lisa Bloom, the lawyer executing the lawsuits against Usher. He said they spoke about the legal ramifications of not telling someone that you have herpes and addresses that there is no legal precedence for providing evidence that you did tell someone.

He argued that someone could potentially be "P.O.ed" at an ex and lie about knowing that their partner had the disease, essentially creating a "his word against [hers]" situation, as there is typically no way of proving what the truth is.

Bloom responded that some celebrities do actually use legal documents to protect themselves from situations such as this.

Finally, Dr. Drew is asked point blank, "Should somebody have a duty to inform the other person?"

He answered very directly. "Yes. 100%"

The total number of people who have accused Usher of knowingly infecting them with herpes is up to five.

First, there was an unnamed woman, said to be a celebrity stylist, who he had a sexual relationship with several years ago.


The second accuser said that she and Usher had a sexual interaction this year. She performed oral sex on him and then they had protected sex.

Three more people came forward after that — two women and a man.