Twitter Thinks Kobe Bryant Video Sums up Reaction to Lizzo Twerking at Lakers Game

Twitter is still debating Lizzo's bold display at the Lakers game on Sunday night, but they have one cleverly-edited reaction video to sum it all up. A viral video cuts from Lizzo twerking in the aisle to Kobe Bryant hurrying off the court with his children, as though he were trying to get them away. The clip was so convincing many took it for real time footage.

Lizzo caused a stir on Sunday night when she attended the Lakers versus Minnesota Timberwolves game in Los Angeles, California. The singer wore an over-sized t-shirt as a dress, with just a thong on underneath. When one of her hit songs began playing during halftime, she stood up to dance, turning around to twerk and leaving little to the imagination.

The clip has caused a big debate on social media, with users arguing whether this was too much for a family-friendly sports game and whether a thinner celebrity would have been called out as harshly for the same stunt. To sum up the reaction, some users cut together the footage with a two-year-old video of Kobe Bryant hurrying off the court.

The clip was so convincing that some did not even realize it was old. Many responded with confusion, asking how they missed this in their telecast.

"Kobe about to make that call and get her banned from Staples," one person wrote.

"Your videos YES your concert YES at Staples Center priceless but NO I like lizzo but she looks like a fool out there I'm bringing my family to the game I want my daughter seen a grown woman act like that at a sporting event strip club YES Lakers game NO it's as simple as that," added another.

Meanwhile, many users argued that, whatever critics thought of Lizzo's outfit, they would not have said the same about a thinner celebrity. They argued that this was part of the entrenched nature of fatphobia, where performers like Lizzo are held to a higher standard, and are made to "represent" a body positivity "movement."

"If Lizzo had Draya's body, y'all would be foaming at the mouth and wouldn't have a care in the world that she was at a basketball game," one person tweeted. "Her outfit only disturbs y'all bc that's not the body type/person you wanna see."


Users then shared pictures of other stars who wore risque outfits to public events, while critics shared videos of others wearing more concealing clothes, including Megan Thee Stallion, who was at the same game as Lizzo.

So far, Lizzo has not responded to her critics.