Twitter Responds to Logan Paul's Apology: 'What's Wrong With You'

Logan Paul's second apology isn't getting him much farther than his first. The 22-year-old Internet sensation got himself into hot water yesterday with a video he shot in the Aokigahara forest in Japan, also known as "suicide forest." In it, Paul and his friends found and filmed the body of a victim of suicide, showing graphic images of it.

Paul took down the video after he was criticized for his insensitivity, but his initial apology on Twitter only seemed to get him in more trouble. In the post, Paul mentioned himself 26 times, reasoning that this is his first large scale mistake. Even as he acknowledged his wrongdoing, he patted himself on the back for his wide scope of influence, and he ended the apology with the hashtag "Logan4Life."

Earlier today, Paul posted another apology, this time in the form of a video. He fixes a glassy-eyed stare on the camera lens and solemnly berates himself for his actions. It goes on for just under two minutes.


In the new apology, Paul implores his fans not to defend his actions. "They don't deserve to be defended," he says. Still, some are in the comments arguing on Paul's behalf, while some are still infuriated by this latest post by the YouTube star.