Travis Scott Likely Undergoing Major Surgery for Knee Injury

Travis Scott may have to go under the knife due to a knee injury the rapper fell victim to after landing wrong on stage. Scott was performing at NYC's Rolling Loud Festival when he fell on the joint the wrong way after jumping up and down, however, he did manage to finish the show even though he hobbled around on stage following the accident.

According to TMZ, he went to see orthopedic specialist Dr. Neal ElAttrache at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute. The 28-year-old was diagnosed with a dislocated knee, more specifically, a stretch or tear in the patellar tendon. While surgery is on the table, doctors are waiting another day or two to decide whether that will be a requirement or if the knee will heal on it's own.

While most would probably not opt for surgery if they had the option, it seems as though Scott may actually want to go that route. He's not only looking to get back on his feet to perform at concerts and shows as soon as possible, he's eager to get back on the basketball court as well! One source told the outlet that Scott loves to get out on the court and shoot hoops, and if surgery can bring that back faster, then that's the option he wants to go with.

No word yet on whether his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner rushed to be by his side with their daughter Stormi Webster. The two decided to part ways last month after not being able to work through their issues — which are still unknown to the public at this time, however, many think trust issues are to blame. A few sources have shared their thoughts with outlets saying the couple only plans on keeping this time apart short-term rather something that's permanent. The two young celebrities are said to still be very much in love.

"They are very, very in love, but she's 22, and her whole life is Stormi and her business and her family. She's not wanting to be a normal rapper's wife. He's still young and at the recording studio late. She usually goes to bed early. They have different lifestyles," one source told Us Weekly.


They continued to share that their breakup isn't "considered a full breakup for either of them."

"Kylie and Travis have been on and off at various times throughout their relationship," the insider added. "Kylie still loves Travis and this isn't considered a full breakup to either of them."