Tori Spelling Shows off 'Naughty' Elf on the Shelf Idea

Looking for something unique to do with your Elf on the Shelf for Christmas? Tori Spelling shared a "naughty" idea on her Instagram Saturday.

The 44-year-old Spelling posted a photo of her family's toilet with two elves sitting on the top, with a reindeer clinging on to the seat. They wrote "Feeling Naughty" on the toilet cover and "9 More Days, Merry Poopmas..." on the seat.

"We woke this morning to some bathroom humor [elf style]... Our elves and reindeer were feeling a little [naughty]," Spelling wrote in the caption. "Good thing they left the can of chocolate frosting as proof they didn't get too naughty."

She added the hashtags "naughty elves," "potty humor" and "poop is funny."

Spelling has been sharing photos of her family preparing for Christmas over the past few days. On Dec. 11, 9-month-old Beau helped her pick out a Christmas tree for the first time.

"Baby Beau's 1st year helping his big bro and sisters pick out the family Christmas Tree! He did a great job," Spelling wrote. "It's now flocked and standing in our living room proudly waiting to get styled! Bring on the bulbs and balls!"

On Dec. 1, she took out her Elves on the Shelf for a Hawaiian Christmas.

"Guess the Elves were found this am. And somehow this year they are Hawaiian! I would have welcomed them with open arms except they also ate all the Hawaiian rolls in the house! And left crumbs everywhere," Spelling wrote.


This Christmas season is an important one for Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott. It's the first one with their youngest son, Beau.

"I feel like Beau is really the pillar of the rebirth of our relationship because our relationship had to crumble for it to be rebuilt and it was really important that we just start it over," Spelling told PEOPLE earlier this month. "I think Beau is a symbol of that because he's the first baby out of all five that we're raising in a communicative way."