Source: Tori Spelling's Marriage 'In Shambles'

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage is 'in shambles,' according to one report. The couple [...]

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage is "in shambles," according to one report. The couple have been trying to make it work, while Spelling has put on a brave face on social media, but things are not getting better.

"Tori and Dean's marriage is in shambles despite having a sit down last week to try to make it work. They made an attempt to use the tools given to them by their therapist to create a healthy environment for the kids but it isn't working," a source told Entertainment Tonight.

The source said Spelling does not feel that McDermott is "helping with the kids as much as she feels he should," adding, "He used to do everything but has stepped away and started taking more time for himself."

McDermott is "trying to be calm and handle things," according to the source. "He doesn't want to raise his voice or say anything that she could misconstrue to the police."

Still, Spelling "panics" whenever McDermott goes out and her "anxiety goes through the roof." She is afraid he will cheat on her again.

Spelling and McDermott met in 2005 and married the following year. They stayed together despite McDermott's extramarital affair in 2014. The affair's impact was seen in the reality show True Tori. McDermott also sought help for a sex addiction.

Aside from financial woes, McDermott and Spelling's lives have been in a state of flux since late last month. Fans started raising concerns about her disappearance from social media. On March 1, police were called to Spelling's home after she reportedly had a "nervous breakdown." Twenty-four hours later, there was another 911 call.

McDermott called police to their home again on March 7, after he was concerned about Spelling leaving their home with at least one of their five children. All three occasions ended with police not taking any action.

On March 9, the couple was reportedly escorted out of a Los Angeles restaurant by police.

Spelling and McDermott's neighbors told In Touch Weekly last week that their fights can be heard throughout the neighborhood.

"They argue several times a week," a source told In Touch. "Their fights can be heard throughout the whole neighborhood. Tori's yelling and hysterical crying are unmistakable."

The neighbors call the 44-year-old Spelling and 51-year-old McDermott the "neighbors from hell."

"She freaked because Dean had not bene home for a few days," the source told In Touch. "He left to clear the air after one of their fights. They really are the neighbors from hell."

An insider also told Us Weekly last week that Spelling's friends and family are "very, very worried" about the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star.

The drama is surprisingly nowhere to be found on Spelling's Instagram page. She returned from her social media break on March 2 to post a video of son Beau's first birthday party. On Sunday, she posted a photo showing herself in bed with Beau.

"When I was little I never wanted to nap. As an adult I never could take naps. Now as a #mamabear of 5... I could watch them nap all day. #babybeau #1stnaptime #number5 #mycuddliest," she wrote in the caption.

Spelling and McDermott share five children — 9-year-old Stella, 10-year-old Liam, 6-year-old Hattie; 5-year-old Finn and Beau. McDermott is also father to 19-year-old son Jack from his previous relationship with May Jo Eustace.