Tori Spelling Addresses Rumors That She'll Join 'RHOBH'

Will Tori Spelling become the latest celebrity to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? [...]

Will Tori Spelling become the latest celebrity to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Probably not, according to her. "I could never do that," Spelling told reporters at Disney on Ice Mickey's Search Party celebrity skate party on Friday, via PEOPLE. "I love to watch it and I'm friends with them, I'm just like nope, I just wanna watch it on TV."

"It's one of my favorite shows, but not to be on, just to watch. As a viewer like everyone else," she added, opining that she "would get eaten alive" were she to appear on the Bravo show. "I am too nice and a people pleaser to get in those fights they get into," the 46-year-old explained.

Spelling said that she never wanted to "put a statement out" about any potential involvement in the show but decided to set the record straight after some of her previous comments were "misinterpreted" to mean that she wanted to be a cast member.

"That [rumor] keeps following me, and I've always said I'm just a huge fan," she added to E! News. "But no, not at all. I'm friends with so many of then and I'm a huge fan. I always say I watch the show. But no, I have never asked to be on the show."

"I'm too nice," she said. "The drama I like is like my family chaos at home and like, you know who's watching what and who wants to eat what for dinner? I can't deal with girl drama."

In August, Spelling and Jennie Garth appeared on episode of Sirius XM's The Jenny McCarthy Show and Spelling said that she was "sad" not to have been asked to join the show while Garth said she had been approached.

"They never asked me … and it actually makes me really sad," Spelling said. "They asked me," Garth said, explaining that she turned down the opportunity because she is the "furthest thing from a desperate housewife."

Spelling again said that they "never asked me," at which point host Jenny McCarthy joked, "I have a feeling you might get the shout-out now."

Spelling wouldn't be the first actress to join RHOBH, as Lisa Rinna became a main cast member in Season 5 and Denise Richards joined the roster in Season 9.

Photo Credit: Getty / Michael Tran