‘Tonight Show’ Co-Star Implies Jimmy Fallon Lost a Family Member Following Late Night Absence

Following an emergency cancellation of his late night talk show, The Tonight Show on Friday, Jimmy Fallon's co-star Questlove is speaking out.

In an interview from TMZ, Questlove suggested to the videographer that Fallon's mother had either passed away or was about to happen.

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"When you lose someone, it's always sad man," Questlove said.

According to sources familiar with the matter speaking with Variety, Fallon's mother has been very ill as of lately and was admitted to the hospital. The 43-year-old TV personality cancelled his show on Friday to join his family to be with her.

Questlove went on to tell TMZ that he is "not sure" when the Tonight Show will begin taping again.

As of now, there are no production changes ahead for the late night series. NBC is not the only network to allow its late-night host to take a leave of absence this week.

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ABC enlisted celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Shaquille O'Neal to stand in for Jimmy Kimmel as he deals with medical issues related to his son, Billy. In 2003, CBS famously brought in stand-in hosts as David Letterman was out for a month due to shingles.

Fallon, 48 will be missed during his time off of The Tonight Show. His show is leading in the most coveted demographic of people between 18 and 49.