Tommy Chong Shares Idea for 'That '70s Show' Spinoff, Debuts New 'Cheech and Chong Bud Farm' Mobile Game (Exclusive)

Cheech & Chong are undoubtedly one of the greatest comedy duos of all-time, having created nearly [...]

Cheech & Chong are undoubtedly one of the greatest comedy duos of all-time, having created nearly a dozen beloved comedy albums and a number of classic films. Now the pair are taking on the mobile game industry with their brand new game Bud Farm. Tommy Chong — one-half of the legendary stoner-comedians — recently spoke with about the game, saying that it was something he and comedy partner Cheech Marin had been wanting to do.

Chong explained that they had "been looking for a Cheech & Chong video game" to do, and the opportunity finally presented itself when his son, Paris Chong, connected with Vancouver-based LDRLY Games, described as "the world's largest publisher of cannabis games." The iconic comedian explained, "They came up with the idea, and brand, and everything. Cheech and I [are] happy as hell that it got done." Chong then went on to praise LDRLY's work on the game, saying, "They're really excellent at what they do, so it worked out really good." Chong went on to say, "The game itself comes at a perfect time, with this lockdown," referring to the current coronavirus quarantine that the country in facing. "Now, we can concentrate on entertaining ourselves in our homes, with our phone, and that's exactly what it does."

While Cheech & Chong is certainly what he is most well-known for, in the '90s Chong took on a different pot-smoking character, playing the lovable Leo in That '70s Show. When asked if he would ever consider being part of a series revival or reunion, he eagerly replied, "Totally." He then shared his own thoughts on a possible new direction for the series. "I've even played with the idea of Leo doing a spinoff," he said, adding that he would love for it to include Topher Grace, Aston Kutcher, Wilmer Valdarama, Laura Prepon, and Mila Kunis all stopping "by at different times, or all together." He went on to joke, "Leo really hasn't changed. Leo's still the same, old hippie that he was back then."

While there's no guarantee fans will get to see Leo back with the The '70s Show crew again, they can get always get a dose of Chong by playing Bud Farm. Per an official synopsis of the game: "Cheech & Chong find themselves stranded in the tiny hamlet of Hierba Verde. With no dope to be found, they start growing their own, and stumble ass-backwards into a lucrative business empire. With the crooked mayor in their back-pocket, the boys are on their way to striking it rich and living out their days lying on a beach like sun-kings. Unfortunately for them, Sgt Stedenko is hell-bent on putting them in jail for life. With the help a freaky cast of supporting characters, Cheech & Chong will chase their dreams of fame and fortune, while staying one step ahead of the law." Notably, the game's officially launch day is today, April 20, which is often stylized as 4/20.