Tom Cruise's 'Mummy' Co-Star Annabelle Wallis Reveals He Initially Wouldn't Let Her Run Alongside Him on Screen

Tom Cruise's Mummy co-star Annabelle Wallis just shared an amusing anecdote about their time on set of the 2017 film. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wallis explained that Cruise initially did not want her to be seen sprinting with him on-screen. Although, as she recounted to the publication, she eventually got him to change his mind on the topic by showcasing her expert running skills.

It's been three years since The Mummy came out, but Wallis still gets questions about what it was like working with Cruise. When asked by THR about whether she believes the Cruise questions will stop, she responded, "I don't think they ever will. He's Tom Cruise. He's his own thing. He's such a movie star, and he does his own bloody stunts! He means business, and he loves this business. He's a cinephile. I think people are in awe of that kind of passion and love for cinema and a desire to excel, to keep growing and keep pushing boundaries."

Wallis then explained how she got Cruise to change his mind about their scenes together, sharing that she had to show the actor just how great she is at running before he agreed to sprint alongside her in The Mummy. According to the Peaky Blinders star, getting to run alongside Cruise on-screen was akin to winning an Oscar for her, as it is something that few others have experienced.


"He's on a different level, and, you know, I ticked a box. I got to run on-screen with him, but he told me no at first," Wallis shared. "He said, "Nobody runs on-screen [with me]," and I said, "But I'm a really good runner." So, I would time my treadmill so that he'd walk in and see me run. And then he added all these running scenes. So, that was it. It was, like, better than an Oscar. I was so happy! (Laughs.) I was so happy that I got to run on-screen with Tom Cruise. But I don't think it ever goes away and I hope it never does. It's so wonderful to be excited by someone and in awe of what they've achieved in their lives. Yeah, good on him. And I hope the questions never stop. I love talking about him. It's really cool."