Tom Brady's 'Young Guns' Photo Sets Comments Section on Fire

It doesn't take much for Tom Brady to get people buzzing and talking on his social media. The NFL [...]

It doesn't take much for Tom Brady to get people buzzing and talking on his social media. The NFL great is always dropping looks into his life from all over, be it alongside his former "rival" Peyton Manning, wearing Tony Stark's Infinity Gauntlet from the Avengers films and spending time with his family.

The latest comes from Brady's summer vacation in Brazil, with a horseback ride on the beach with his kids that has people losing it in the comment section. For Brady, he's riding with his "young guns" and either looking to remake the classic western with Emilio Estevez or preparing for his kids to take his title with their own NFL careers. Or just riding into town to tear things up.

Either way, fans were happy to see the image and even happier with the extra bits shared in the Patriots star's Instagram Story and Twitter feed.

(Photo: Tom Brady/Instagram)

"That horse looks honoured to be carrying the goat," one fan wrote.

"If you ain't got no giddy up then giddy out my way," another added.

"You come outta the country store and see these 3 staring you down. It's over," a third fan mentioned.

But one of the running the jokes and comment themes throughout took Brady into territory currently owned by Lil Nas X. "Old Town Road" was all over Brady's comments, with the quarterback himself also dropping the joke via video on Twitter.

He also shared the clip as part of his Instagram Story, though with the Billy Ray Cyrus remix playing instead of the original. Either way the reference caused a stir, with folks hinting that Brady should try to get involved with the next remix. It also brought plenty of talk about the QB's machete skills.

"Is this you telling us you're on the next old town road remix, dad?" a fan asked on Instagram.

(Photo: Tom Brady/Instagram)

"Old Town Road is never gonna be dead, Tom." another fan told the NFL star on Twitter. "You might need a new manager. Totally available."

"TOMS got the horses in the back," a third added in referencing the hit song.

"Look at you go!! Are you on your way to another Super Bowl ring?!?" another fan dropped in, bringing the conversation back to football.

If anything, Brady is proving once again that he is better than your typical person, even if his machete swinging skills are weak. Goes to show that some superstars aren't at the top of their game in every category.