'Today Show' Host Al Roker Gets Into Playful Twitter Feud With Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Today Show co-host and meteorologist Al Roker showed off his pun-tastic talents on Twitter on Dec. 4, just as the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center was lit up for the Christmas season. Roker got himself into a fun back-and-forth on the social network with the tree itself, or at least the people behind the 30 Rock Tree account. Roker fired off as many dad jokes as possible the tree's way, but the 30 Rock Tree had plenty of cone-backs.

The latest back-and-forth between Roker and 30 Rock Tree dates back to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, when the owner of the account joked that he paid the man dressed as a stick of butter to annoy Roker during the broadcast. "I am coming for you, thank you very mulch," Roker wrote back.

"Your dad jokes could use some sprucing up," 30 Rock Tree replied.

The two went at it again the day of the tree lighting ceremony.

"Funny how the NBC employees at 30 Rock that mumbled not-so-nice things under their breath at me when when they walked by this morning will all of a sudden act like we're best friends or something after they've had a few to drink at the party tonight," 30 Rock Tree tweeted.

Roker came up with two puns in response to that message. "That’s because they work at the branch office," Roker wrote.

"Speaking of which, if anybody knows what it’s like to be 'potted' at the end of a big celebration, it’s you," another added.

Roker also tagged the 30 Rock Tree account after the tree was lit.

"Hey [30 Rock Tree] looking pretty good tonight. Hope you had a good time. You look #lit," Roker wrote on Dec. 4.

30 Rock Tree also tweeted out a link to Good Housekeeping's story on the light-hearted feud, adding, "My assistant told me they didn't ask for a comment. Too bad, I have many things to say."

"You should conifer with your assistant more often," Roker replied.

"I'm out here doing my job of looking good in the background of some tourist's Instagram photo and all of a sudden [Roker] has to needle me like that on [Today]? I tried to branch out and make peace," 30 Rock Tree tweeted after Roker mentioned the tree on the Dec. 6 episode. "Oh, it's on Roker. It is SO on."


Hopefully these two NBC icons can make peace before Christmas.

Photo credit: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images