Tim Allen Vetoes Alabama Senate Candidates: 'Either One's a Bad Choice'

Doug Jones may have won the Alabama Senate race against controversial opponent Roy Moore, but Tim Allen thinks that "either one's a bad choice."

TMZ caught up with the Last Man Standing actor outside of West Hollywood hotspot Craig's — where he was dining with his wife, Jane Allen, as well as Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman — to ask him about the Senate race in Alabama. Allen didn't seem too interested in the topic.

"Two missiles headed towards me. Either one was a bad choice," he said. "Luckily we don't live in Alabama."

Burt Sugarman shared a similar sentiment, teasing "Who's Roy Moore? Who's Doug Jones?"

When asked how he felt about the results of the controversial election, Allen told the reporter that "the ice cream was good," clearly not interested in continuing the conversation.

Burton added that he really wants "Alabama to decide for its people, not me. They should pick who they think is best."

The midterm election was forced into the spotlight after women came forward to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct, including pursuing girls as young as 14 while he was in his thirties. A total of nine women have since come forward to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct, but that didn't prevent him from continuing in the race, nor did it prevent Republicans from supporting him.


The election came to a close Tuesday night, with Moore's opponent Doug Jones leading by 9,000 votes.