'This Is Us' Star Mandy Moore Announces Next Project Is 'Coming Very Soon'

This Is Us star Mandy Moore has been away from the music world for some time, but recently announced that her next project is "coming very soon." Taking to Instagram, Moore shared a photo of herself from a recording session and revealed that she has new music on the way. "Nearly 2 years ago, my first record in 11 years came into the world," Moore's caption began. "We were 4 days away from leaving for my first tour since 2007 when the pandemic shut the world down."

The singer continued, "It was hard to sort through the myriad of emotions of what it took to make that music: the disappointment and sorrow of unfulfilled dreams....all while we were collectively grappling with and grieving the tragedy unfolding around the globe. So I turned back to music because that was the only catharsis I could find while stuck at home. With [Taylor Goldsmith] and [Mike Viola], I started a new record during a very uncertain time... but it was also the mark of the ultimate chapter surrounding impending parenthood.

Moore went on to explain, "Anyway.... all of this to tell you that there is new music coming very soon... and a tour! And I'm staying present and open to this experience revealing itself exactly how it's supposed to." The award-winning actress later added a "PS" for her fans and supporters, "Your comments, love and encouragement are so appreciated. Year already made. Thanks, friends!! Hope to see you on the road soon!! Xoxoxo."

While fans wait for new music from Moore, they can catch her on the final season of This Is Us, which recently kicked off on NBC. Speaking to Page Six on the red carpet for the This Is Us Season 6 premiere, Moore's co-star and on-screen daughter, Chrissy Metz, offered her thoughts on how the show will wrap up. "I do think [fans] will find some closure and some contentment with what transpires and how [creator] Dan Fogelman wraps everything up," she said.


Metz also joked, "Ain't nobody mentally prepared [to say goodbye]. You can't be!" She added, "I personally cannot be mentally prepared for something that's completely changed my life in ways that I never, ever, ever thought it would." Regarding her own character, Kate Pearson, Metz explained that there were definitely going to be some interesting developments, following the shocking Season 5 reveal that she and Toby (Chris Sullivan) have split. "Oh, [Kate's] gonna have a season! I think that's what's so amazing, is the way that they both have impacted each other's lives. You keep that with you forever. You're forever changed by moments and memories and people."