'The View' Personality Meghan McCain Gives Her Netflix Recommendations for Coronavirus Quarantine

As Americans practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, The View co-host Meghan McCain is hoping to help them pass the time with her "Netflix and quarantine" recommendations. McCain revealed her list of must-watch titles in a Sunday Instagram post, though not all are available for streaming on the popular streaming platform, but are instead available for free on other streaming services or available to rent.

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"Please be safe and vigilant fellow New Yorkers and listen to all the experts and doctors recommending socially isolating," she wrote. "Better to be safe than sorry. On a side note here is a list of my favorite political movie recommendations for Netflix and quarantine!"

The titles on her list include Primary Colors, Best of Enemies, The Manchurian Candidate, though she claims the original is better, The Ides of March, Bulworth, The War Room, The Contender, Thirteen Days, and The Unknown.

McCain's post prompted her followers to chime in with their own recommendations, as well, many also praising the list she had compiled.

"Where’s All The Presidents Men?!" asked one follower.

"The Ides of March! So good," agreed someone else. "I love finding things I agree with you on. We are all more alike than different! Stay Healthy."

"Primary Colors is a fantastic movie !" commented a third.

"No wag the dog?" suggested somebody else. "Perfect for our current state."

"Thanks for the list and encouragement- you are awesome!!!" added another person.


In recent days, McCain has been keeping fans in the know as she rides out the current pandemic and practices social distancing and other recommended good hygiene practices. In a recent post, she even made light of the current hand sanitizer shortage, sharing a backstage photo of a bottle of hand sanitizer on The View with a warning for people not to steal it.

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Meanwhile, the ABC talk show has taken a number of precautionary measures as well. Along with debuting a much larger co-hosts' table, allowing the ladies of The View to be seated with several feet of space between them, the show is also taping without an in-studio audience. Co-host Joy Behar has also since announced that she will not be appearing on the talk show until further notice, with Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday also revealing that she will be videoing in from home.